Introducing the Energy Digitalisation Series

Through 12 international government and association-led energy summits, energy advance brings together an international community of over 40,000 professionals to deliver the Energy Digitalisation Series

This year-round programme features research analysis, discussion forums, showcase examples and studies of best practice for the implementation of digital transition and further development across the global oil, gas energy and renewable value chains. It will offer a global perspective from across four regions; MENA, Africa, Europe and the Americas. 

Not just limited to the 12 summits, this exciting industry community network will foster further engagement and interaction throughout the year via the 365 energy advance platform

As conversations continue, energy advance will drive interaction through the online community discussion board, live industry polls, exclusive interviews, news and industry reports, serving as a catalyst for organically led round table and webinar initiatives as the community continues to grow and draw from one another.

Led by those implementing and building integration strategies for existing and planned large-scale operations, the programme will join technology solution providers, investors, evangelists and developers in ongoing discussion and debate surrounding the latest challenges and evaluations on cutting-edge technologies and best practice across the sector.