Whilst recognising COVID’s devastation to the region’s economies; the Middle East and North Africa remains of huge importance to public and private sector investors and providers to the energy sector

Over the next five years, the region will move towards lower-cost, lower carbon sustainable assets; this will need everyone to work together across the region to harmonise projects and implement new technologies.

MENA Future Energy is the much-needed platform for all stakeholders to enable re-engagement, sharing of information, enriching debate, presenting commercial opportunity and acting as a catalyst for businesses engaged in the region

The Programme

MENA Future Energy will provide an essential cross-sectoral view of energy across the region. It will highlight opportunities and provide invaluable insight into commercial opportunities resulting from committed and planned energy investments, whilst also addressing the challenges presented by COVID, recovering economies and the steady move towards lower-carbon energy

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Planned Projects

A number of projects are underway through the Middle East and North Africa and many more are in the planning stage that can provide companies with reasons for optimism through the next five years

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